Extended Schools & Services

Schools are at the heart of the community and are ideally placed to offer access to a range of extended services that can have a positive impact on children, young people and families.

These are the services currently provided at Cheam Fields:

Breakfast and After School Care
Our Breakfast and After School Club, operated by Jancett Playsafe, provides care before and after school hours for children attending Cheam Fields. Please see the Jancett Playsafe website for further information and details of costs. 

Jancet Playsafe Website

Reffell's Swimming Academy
Miss Reffell runs a very popular after school swimming club (Monday to Thursday). If you are interested in lessons, please Contact Miss Reffell:
Splish 'n' Splash
Swimming lessons from 3.30pm to 6.00pm on Fridays. Please contact Splish ‘n’ Splash for more details:

Splish 'n' Splash Website