At Cheam Fields reading is a golden thread that weaves through our curriculum. This puts reading at the heart of our curriculum and shows the importance and value of learning to read through stimulating texts that represent children’s interests as well as those that are topic related. These texts allow children to meaningfully engage, share preferences, make personal connections and ask questions. 

We are committed to providing opportunities for all pupils to gain an enjoyment of reading and achieve the key early reading and comprehension skills needed to become a proficient reader and to ensure that these skills are transferred to all aspects of life and learning. We endeavour to ensure that our children develop a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards reading that will stay with them forever. 

Children have frequent, regular and sustained opportunities to read and to talk together about the books that they are reading individually, in small groups and as a whole class. This helps the children to reach a shared understanding and build on their cultural literacy. We plan opportunities for all children to extend their vocabulary through a range of genres and subject related texts to consolidate their understanding. 

We recognise the importance that rhythm and rhyme have in the development of children’s early literacy skills. From Nursery to Year 2 the children have opportunities to explore, learn and perform poems on a weekly basis. 

In EYFS and KS1, our children can consolidate and apply their phonics knowledge at home through reading a range of books. These include books that closely match their phonics ability and link to the phonics taught during the week, library books to share with their families and a reading scheme book to develop comprehension skills.Children are encouraged to read and reread a text to revisit, practise and apply new and known sounds and to develop their reading fluency. 

During whole class discrete Reading lessons in KS1 and KS2, children explore a range of texts in more detail to develop their comprehension. They are taught a range of different reading skills such as retrieval, inference and prediction and practise applying those skills to a range of texts throughout the year. Children in KS2 learn how to provide evidence to justify their answers as well as analyse the language choices that an author has used. 

We believe that children should develop a love for reading which will inspire them to read for purpose and pleasure. This is supported by our school environment which excites and enthuses children to read throughout the day.

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LEO Virtual Library

Visit the LEO Academy Trust Virtual Library and enjoy reading or listening to a story from the selection of Children’s books. There’s something for everyone from Nursery through to Year 6.

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