Swimming At School

What Will I Need?

  • Swimming costume (boys to wear trunks, not swim shorts)
  • Hat
  • Waterproof bag
  • If your child has a verruca, they will need to wear a verruca sock
  • Please make sure all items are named
  • Long hair should be tied back
  • Earrings must be removed for swimming (if your child is unable to remove their own earrings then please make sure earrings are not worn on swimming days)

Hats (£1.50 or £3.00 depending on the type) and verruca socks (£2.00 each) can be purchased from the office.


  • The cost for one term’s swimming lessons is £25.00 (unless your child is registered for Pupil Premium).
  • Payment should be make via Arbor our on-line payment system. If you cannot pay on-line, please contact the office.
  • Payments should be made before the start of each term’s swimming.
  • Payment by cheque is no longer accepted at the school office.
  • If you have any difficulty meeting the swimming costs, Please speak to Miss Shaw.