Attendance and Absence

Government Leaflet - If your child is eligible to attend school, they should return this term


What do I do if my child is absent?

Although we encourage children to attend school every day, we realise that sometimes children are unwell and therefore unable to come to school.

When your child is absent from school you must:

  • Call the school on 0208 644 9055 before 9am on every day of absence
  • Leave a message explaining why your child is absent (you do not need to speak to a member of the office staff but please ensure that you give sufficient detail as to why your child is unwell. If the message is too vague, school staff will call you to find out more information). 
  • Provide medical evidence if requested

Holiday During Term Time

It is a legal requirement for children to attend school. The school places great importance on attendance. High attendance leads to high achievement. From 1st September 2013 legislation prohibits any school from authorising leave of absence for holidays except in exceptional circumstances.
If you feel you have exceptional circumstances for a leave of absence during term time, please email the School Office to request an Exceptional Absence Form.  Once you have completed this, each circumstance is considered and you will be notified of the outcome via email.