If you would like your child to attend Cheam Fields Primary, please see our admissions arrangements below.

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Starting Reception

The law states that children are admitted to School at the beginning of the term after he or she reaches 5 years of age. In Sutton, all children are admitted earlier than this. All Reception children start school in September. Other children are accepted into the school at any time during the year, providing there is a place available in the relevant year group.

We have 60 places in our Reception shared between two classes. All children need to apply for a Reception place through the Local Authority they pay their council tax to.  Offers of Reception places are sent directly from the Local Authority. Once you have confirmed your acceptance of the offer to the Local Authority, your details will be forwarded to the school. You will then be informed by the school as to your child’s starting date. Your child will have the opportunity to visit the school prior to starting.

For Reception places, please apply via the link within your local authority’s website. 

The London Borough of Sutton's website, can be found below

Applying to start Reception

Starting Nursery

The earliest that a child can be considered to start a Sutton Community Nursery is at the beginning of the term after their third birthday. Your child’s date of birth will determine the maximum amount of time that they can spend in nursery before starting primary school. Sutton aims to provide at least one year of part-time nursery education prior to a child’s admission to primary school. In Sutton, children are eligible to start primary school in the academic year after they turn four years of age. Many nurseries will fill up in the Autumn term. Therefore, if your child is eligible to start nursery in the Spring term, there will be no guarantee that places will be available. Your child may have to wait until the Autumn term to be considered for a vacancy.

Nursery 2024/2025

All applications for Nursery for September 2024 will be made through the school.  The deadline for receipt of applications for Nursery September 2024 was 3pm on 15th January  2024.  You may still complete an application, but your application will be treated as late. The application form is available below. 

We will be sending Nursery application outcomes out on 26th April for applications received by the closing date.  Late applicants will not be contacted until all on time applicants have been offered to, this may mean that you not hear from us.  Your application will be added to our waiting list.

Nursery Application 2024/2025 - LATE

Starting Nursery 2024/2025 Guidance


In Year Applications

If you are about to move, or have recently moved  to the Sutton area, changing schools in-year or without a school and wish to apply for a place in one of our schools, you can apply to our Academy by following the guidance below. You should print the In-Year Admission Form available from the London Borough of Sutton website Mid-term or In-year admissions. The fully completed form should be returned to the London Borough of Sutton with copies of any requested information.

Further information is available on the London Borough of Sutton website.

Please contact the school office regarding admissions and waiting lists for Cheam Fields Primary Academy.  For children who may require additional support please refer to Please also see our Admission Policy.  We hope you will get a place with us soon!

If you are a parent of a prospective pupil wishing to find out more about our school, please make an appointment with the school office. You can call them on 020 8644 9055 or email