Personal Learning Goals

Here at Cheam Fields, we strongly believe that a child’s personal development is as important as their academic progress.  For this reason,  we wholeheartedly embrace the personal learning goals from the International Primary Curriculum which help children reflect on their own behaviours and attitudes supporting the preparation of our pupils for their future lives.

Our Personal Learning Goals 

To be... I aim to...


  • approach tasks with an open mind.
  • try different ways of doing things
  • manage my feelings
  • change my opinion as I learn
a collaborator
  • contribute to groups and teams
  • listen to the ideas of others
  • sometimes take a leading role in groups and teams
a communicator
  • use verbal and non verbal communication
  • think before I speak
  • try to be clear and relevant
  • focus on the person who is communicating
  • communicate what I know
  • respect other’s learning
  • think about the feelings of others
  • recognise my words and actions affect others
  • recognise similarities and differences between my life and that of others
  • be kind and fair
  • understand it can be hard to do the right thing
  • learn about and respect  rules related to different cultures
  • make positive choices even if it’s not what I want
  • have more than one go at things to learn and improve
  • keep going even when I’m disappointed
  • try to solve problems by myself 
  • realise that learning takes effort
  • treat others how I would like to be treated
  • consider the personal space and belongings of others
  • accept that we are all different
  • do my best to reuse and recycle to help the environment
a thinker
  • give reasons for why I think something
  • reflect on my strengths and weaknesses to inform next steps in my learning
  • reflect on where I have been successful in my learning
  • imagine solutions to problems
  • use the ideas of others for inspiration
  • ask questions to extend my learning